Sirius Teatern (The Sirius Theatre) is a free, professional theatre company founded in 1992. The company has no set repertoire, but is summoned whenever there is an important story to be told. Consisting mainly of male actors, the group shares an interest in political and moral questions in theater. The company's language is Swedish, one of the two official languages in Finland.

Sirius Teatern has specialized in experimental plays that have seldom or never been performed before. In the year 2000 the group expanded their idea of wandering theater to truck theater, driving around Europe with a play about Martin Luther (the priest, not the King). (have a look at the road trip in Finnish or in Swedish).

In 2003 the company won the
Stina Krook foundation prize.

Please feel free to contact Paul Olin
(Tel. +358-50-3466295) for further information.

Photo from the play Dödsflotten (Dead in the Water), 1993.
Plays by Sirius Teatern

2003 Ossis resa (Ossi on tour)
by Harriet Abrahamsson & Paul Olin
A play for children.

2002 Bo
by Anja Bargum, Mikaela Hasán, Paul Holländer, Kristofer Möller, Paul Olin & Anders Slotte
The first premier of a play in the history of Sirius Teatern.

2001 Solaris
by Stanislaw Lem

2000 Martin Luther & Thomas Münzer
by Dieter Forte
In 2000, Helsinki was an official Cultural Capital along with eight other cities. Sirius Teatern went on a truck tour to all these eight cities with a play Martin Luther & Thomas Münzer. On tour Helsinki, Bergen, Reykjavik, Brüssel, Prag, Krakow, Avignon, Santiago de Compostela, Bologna.

1999 Ritva
by Kari Hotakainen
A play for children. An endearing tale of hope in the concrete ghetto. No car-chases.

1998 Jeppe på berget (The Transformed Peasant)
by Ludvig Holberg
A lovable drunkard is intoxicated by power and transformes into a concentration-camp commander. A very dark comedy with barbed wire, barracks and the first ever car-chase in the history of Sirius Teatern.

1998 Trenne djäknar (The Wanderers)
Gregorian chants performed in churches and inns.
Has toured Finland, Estonia and Germany.

1998 Mistero Buffo
by Dario Fo
The classic buffo-clown in a surprising adaptation. All characters played by a woman.

1997 Bödeln
by Pär Lagerkvist
Part two in Sirius Lagerkvist-trilogy exploring the nature of evil ever-present.

1996 Carl XII
by August Strinberg
Strinberg's epic drama thoroughly modernized. Menacing skinheads in combat-boots and bomber jackets serve as the king's bodyguards. Also performed in Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

1995 Inför lyckta dörrar (No Exit)
by Jean-Paul Sartre
The hellish drama by Sartre continues the theme of existential questions and explorations.

1995 Barabbas
by Pär Lagerkvist
The Nobel-prize winning Swedish author Pär Lagerkvist's novel was transformed into a two-hour monologue on faith, hope and doubt.

1993 Dödsflotten (Dead in the Water)
by Harald Mueller
A play concerning the final enviromental catastrophe. Performed in a (literally) flooded basement with the actors on a raft and the audience floating on pontoons.

1992 Vandring för tre röster (A Walk for Three Voices)
by Peter Weiss
The actors take the audience for a two-hour walk through the city and its enviroments. Performed in Helsinki, Turku, Vaasa, Hanko, Stockholm, Tallinn, Oslo, Malmö, Göteborg, Köpenhamn.